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Airport Transfer

Pickup or Drop off from airports across all major Australian cities

Comfortable and easy Airport Transfer

Study Vision can provide airport transfer services, whether or not you have booked a Study Vision accommodation. Our experienced team of drivers will ensure you have a trouble free experience from and to the airport during your time in Australia or New Zealand.


Our easy booking and confirmation system allows you to arrive with confidence, knowing that you will be met at the airport by one of our experienced drivers


Our team works 24/7 and can accommodate any changes or delays in your arrival or departure.


Our team are all qualified and experienced drivers who are properly licensed and trained regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding our Airport Transfer service, please click here

How To Apply

If you want to book both Accommodation and an Airport Transfer, you need to complete our accommodation application. Make sure to select Yes for the question “Do you need transport from the Airport to your accommodation when you arrive in Australia?”.

If you want to apply only for Airport Transfer:

Complete our Airport Transfer Application

Once we receive your application, we will confirm your details and issue you an invoice for your requested services.

Pay the Invoice

Once we receive your payment, we will issue your Airport Transfer Confirmation.

Accept the Airport Transfer Confirmation

Once you accept the Airport Transfer Confirmation, your Airport Transfer is booked and we will send a final confirmation email.

Please make sure to inform Study Vision if there are any changes to your booking (such as flight details, address, contact details, additional passengers or additional luggage), so we can update your booking.


Services Airport Transfer included in Accommodation Placement request Airport Transfer Only

Flight Arrival Time

6am-10pm Arrival

10pm-6am Arrival

6am-10pm Arrival

10pm-6am Arrival

$180 AUD
$270 AUD
$230 AUD
$320 AUD
Additional Person (same flight and same pickup/dropoff location as main applicant)*
$145 AUD
$235 AUD
$195 AUD
$285 AUD
Long Distance (Sydney to Wollongong, Melbourne to Geelong, Brisbane to/from Gold Coast or Auckland to/from Hamilton)**
Price available upon request
Price available upon request
Price available upon request
Price available upon request
Chartered Long Distance (Sydney to Newcastle)
Price available upon request
Price available upon request
Price available upon request
Price available upon request
Bus (Sydney to Canberra)
Price available upon request
Price available upon request
Price available upon request
Price available upon request
Oversized/Additional Luggage Fees***
$45 AUD per suitcase/bag
$45 AUD per suitcase/bag
$45 AUD per suitcase/bag
$45 AUD per suitcase/bag

* Additional Person Fee discounts only apply to Standard Pickups. Long Distance Pickups and Coach Bookings are the full price for each person. If you do not inform us of additional people in your booking or do not make payment of any additional fees, they will not be picked up by our driver. If you have not informed us of additional people before you arrive and you choose to travel with these additional people on a different pickup  services not arranged by Study Vision, you cannot  request a refund from Study Vision.

** Long Distance airport pickup times are subject to change due to availability and scheduling. Additional Fees or Additional Delays may occur on the day of arrival, due to unforeseen circumstances. Standard Long Distance is not available for Sydney to Newcastle pickups.

*** Airport Pickup Luggage Allowance includes 1 standard size suitcase and 1 carry-on bag. Oversized or additional luggage will incur additional fees. Please make sure to inform us as soon as possible of any extra or oversized luggage you will be bringing, and make payment of any additional fees, to ensure the driver has enough storage capacity to take your luggage. If you do not inform us, it may affect your pickup.

Payment Policy

  1. A Study Vision tax invoice shall be submitted for each service and booking.
  2. Payments must be referenced by the Reference Number provided in the invoice so that the payment can be identified without any delays.
  3. All fees must be paid in Australian Dollars ($AUD) only, unless specified otherwise.
  4. Fees may include Goods and Services Tax (GST = 10%) where applicable.
  5. Payment of fees & charges must be received in full before any work commences.
  6. Payments by Credit Cards (only Visa and MasterCard are accepted) incur an extra “surcharge”.
  7. Payment by International Money Transfer (IMT) incurs extra Bank Charge fees.
  8. The above price list is subject to change at any time. Please check the current prices before submitting an application.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Study Vision understands that circumstances can change and students may need to cancel any booking at any time. However the following terms and conditions apply for refund requests:

  1. In the event that a student has to cancel for events beyond their control, the student and/or the parents or their agent are to immediately contact our office to discuss the circumstances with us. Study Vision reserves the right to accept or reject a request for a refund. Valid reasons for accepting any refund include: Visa application rejection (copy of rejection letters from the Australian Immigration Office and your applied institution to be submitted); trip cancellation due to Force Majeure (war, natural disaster, death) , major illness with doctor’s certificate and confirmation from the student’s education provider that the student has withdrawn the enrolment.
  2. Any “Request for Refund” must only be submitted through our Refund Request Form. Please send an email to to request a link to the Refund Request Form. Any submitted Request for Refund is subject to Study Vision’s approval.
  3. No refunds will be made if a “Request for Refund” email is received more than twenty eight (28) days after the date the student’s booking is cancelled.
  4. “Requests for Refunds” will be promptly attended to, and if approved, will get paid within 28 working days to the bank account, credit card or other online payment platform that the student/guest used to make their original payment, unless that payment method is not able to process the refund. If the original payment method is not able to process the refund, an alternative method will be used to process the refund. If the student/guest does not have an Australian bank account, and will not be coming to Australia, the refund can be made to an international bank account nominated by the student/guest, but additional charges will be deducted from the refundable amount. A receipt of payment will be emailed to the student/guest upon the student/guest’s request.
  5. Refunds shall be made in Australian dollars only, regardless of the currency used to pay for a service.
  6. All refunds made will have any applicable bank charges plus Administration Charges deducted before refunds are made.
  7. If Study Vision is unable to service an application due to circumstances outside of our control, Study Vision will cancel the application and refund all fees received, deducting only bank charges involved in the refund, and not deducting any Study Vision Administration Charges. Study Vision is not liable for any other penalties or compensations.
  8. If there are valid and clear reasons to doubt the nature of an application, or the authenticity of the applicant, or if the applicant did not make full payment of fees and rents due by a deadline, as requested to do so in our Offer letter or the invoice sent, Study Vision reserves the right to immediately cancel this application – even after payment (partial or full) has been received. This shall be at Study Vision’s own decision, and at any time, without any penalties or compensation on Study Vision. If this occurs, Study Vision shall willingly and immediately refund any net payments received. Study Vision shall effect this cancellation by simply writing an email to the applicant, or the applicant’s agent, advising of the cancellation and intent to immediately refund any payments made to date, after deducting any bank charges and Administration Charges involved in the refund.

Airport Transfer Refund Policies:

  1. Airport Pickup Fees are refundable if cancelled at least 48 hours before scheduled arrival time, after deducting bank charges and Study Vision Administration Charges.
  2. Please inform Study Vision of any changes to flight details by email to If it is less than 48 hours before the scheduled arrival time, please inform Study Vision by phone (call +61 410 691 761), WeChat (studyvisionoz), Line (+61410691761), WhatsApp (+61410691761) or FaceBook Messenger (marina.wan.98), then send an email to to confirm the new arrival details.
  3. Students or other guests who do not arrive at the airport as scheduled, without prior notice, will not receive any refunds. If they still require Study Vision to pick them up from the airport, we will strive to do so, depending on available drivers at the time, and provided a new (second) airport pickup fee is paid in full.

Refunds related to Special Offers & Discounts:

The Cancellation and Refund Policies above may not apply to special offers or discounts offered by Study Vision. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the specific offer or discount for the specific refund policies.