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Can I go on holidays and keep my homestay?

Yes, you may keep your room while you are away from your homestay. Please contact Study Vision for your request.

Please read our Payment Policy, Clauses 8-10 for details of possible rent reductions when you are away on holidays.

You need to inform Study Vision at least 2 weeks (excluding weekends and public holidays) before you plan to go on holidays to enjoy any possible rent reduction, so that we have time to make the necessary adjustments. Also, there will be no adjustments for any rent that you have already paid.

If you are Under 18 years old
Please note that students under 18 years of age are only allowed to go on holiday, or stay out overnight, with signed approval from their School, College or University and their Guardian. Make sure your School, College or University and your Guardian notify Study Vision by email that your holidays are approved, and we will notify your host. The 2 week (excluding weekends and public holidays) notice period will start from when we receive the notification from your School, College or University and your Guardian.

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