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What is Australian food like?

Australia is a multicultural country and that is reflected in the food choices of many of our homes. The food you eat in Australia will most likely be quite different from what you eat in your home country. Every host family is different but you can probably expect the following:

  • Breakfast – cereal with milk, toast, juice and coffee or tea are standard. On the weekends, breakfast may be bigger and include eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc.
  • Lunch – most students pack their own lunch for school. Lunch usually includes a sandwich, a drink, some fruit and snacks like cookies.
  • Dinner- A family will often serve Italian one night, then Mexican, German, British, East Indian or Asian foods on the other nights. Most Australian cities are on the coast and so fish and seafood are always fresh. Beef and chicken are also common and all types of produce are available year round.
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