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Why Study Vision?

Trusted by our partners and guests around the world, Study Vision brings together the industry’s best knowledge and experience to help you to set off with confidence knowing your accommodation is ready for you when you arrive in another country to start your study, work or travel.

Compliant – We apply strict safety & quality standards in all our services and accommodation.

Reliable – Our approved host families are trained and cleared, and all of our Student Accommodation have been checked and approved.

Economical – Our Homestay and Student Accommodation rental is the most competitive among similar accommodations.

Supportive – Our experienced, skilled and dedicated staff are always ready to help you throughout your journey with us, and they will patiently listen to any concerns you may have.

Flexible – Our booking terms are flexible, so you are not locked into a long-term lease, and have an opportunity to change your accommodation when your needs change.

Experienced – We have helped many students from many different backgrounds, so we understand the accommodation needs of international students, and know how to deal with many of the issues you will face.

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